When “I Love My Mac” made its grand appearance on the MacAddict CD-ROM and then became available in the iTunes Stores, I received many wonderful comments from fans all over the world.

However, I also started receiving comments from people who seemed very angry in general. At first I would read them, get a little upset, and press the delete button. Then, as time went on, I thought, “You know, I really should be keeping some of these”. So I did, and below is a small sampling of some of those comments. I have also included some comments that I came across on various blogs and websites that talked about my song.

I should mention that some of the angry comments were people wondering why I am receiving so many messages of praise in my guestbook for my website design. Little did they know that all of those messages of “praise” were actually just spam!!!

I hope you find them equally entertaining ; )
“You are an idiot, we all love our macs but you don't see everyone of us writing a stupid ass lame song about them. Get a life and stop being such a tard.”

Yep really lame
“...how come you are all praising this crap? Its like they just came in 5th place in a 4 person race at the special olympics.”

“How can you post and promote this crap, you act as if you are the next coming of The Beatles. This is a horrible song that sounds as if it is being sung by a mentally challenged squirrel. What is with you people praising this load of shit?? Are you all a bunch of idiots??? Do you have a 90% loss of hearing or are you just stupid? My advice don't waste your time and please don't waste ours, and lastly throw yourself in front of a bus.”

“I love my Mac....but this just makes me want to tear my ears off!!”

“I think I'll go find a nice door to slam my testicals in.”

“I love my mac, but I hate this song”

“This song is an embarrassment to the Mac community.”

“Deeply disturbing.”

“What a tragedy...”

“Kind of scares me, actually.”

“This is just WRONG!”

“You and everyone who is posting comments are fucking idiots. This song is horrid it sounds like it was written by a 4 year old. If you like this song you should really take a look at yourself and consider that you may be mentally retarded. Fuck all of you in your stupid asses.”

The world has gone to hell
I can't believe all of you praising this site. It is a template from Rapidweaver and contains a song that was written by a tone deaf 13 year old girl.
If you guys think is is good then you have very low standards and should really learn to use the web and check out the millions of sites that are actually good.”

“This is quite possibly the crappiest song i have ever heard. I can’t believe anyone would want to be associated with it…Daphne Kalfon, bow your head in shame.
Go on sing along, i know you want to!”

Your Name: An Honest Person
Your Email: eatshit@eatshit.com
“I love a lot of things but not this song. Are you in the 3rd grade?? Are you mentally challenged?? I love my Mac too but this song is so LAME.
And the people praising your site are morons. It is a template from Rapidweaver and these idiots are acting as if YOU designed the greatest page ever. Fuck you and Fuck them!”

The following comment was originally written in German and was graciously translated for me by Antonia Lutz, the person who translated and sang the vocals for the German version of “I Love My Mac”:

“This is the worst thing I have ever heard in my whole life. Perhaps the singer of the Swedish version smoked some elk excrements beforehand. How drunk do you have to be to want to sing such a song, and to translate it? Macs are the most gay thing in the world anyway.”