When I first got the “I Love My Mac” website up and running, the guestbook we had there was unfortunately prone to getting a lot of spam in it, so when we switched to another, better guestbook, those initial comments were no longer there. I really loved receiving all the comments from fans so I kept them all, and below you can read a selection.

These comments were sent to me from all around the world - Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Hungary, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, England, Ireland, Holland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Austria, Greece, Israel, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Hawaii, and Costa Rica. Sorry if I forgot somebody! : )
“So funny. Thanks for bringing smiles to people's faces. Hm, just wondering if somebody will ever manage to write a fun love-song for Windows that is not perceived as ironic.”

“I discovered daphne's site and song the other day from a suggestion from a fellow in my IOMUG mac group and I think I've wore a hole in my speakers... the english, german, swedish versions are so cool and i love the video too.”

“Thank you for lighting up my day. Only Mac people who live in the Mac World can fully appreciate this song...”

“Cool song! And catchy too. It has been playing inside my head since yesterday!”

“This song ROCKS!!!”

“My students loved the song, thanks for the enjoyment. One student was annoyed by the song, but we just played it over and over anyway.”

“Thanks for your song, it's honey for the humanlife.”

“Love the sentiment. Try getting anyone on a PC to be passionate about their platform to write and publish a song. I don't think so.”

“Too Cool. I am going to link this site to all of my PC buddies at school. Fun Song and like someone else said only a Mac User can truly appreciate this.”

“Love it! just simply love it! Tommorow I think I'm gonna drive around Microsoft's HQ all day long, playing this song, w/ my 1300 watt speakers in my 740 bmw :)”

“Now my 10 & 12 year old kids are running around singing it :-)”

“Hope this becomes the MacWorld theme song!”

“This NEEDS to be preloaded on all macs!”

“Congratulations!!! Your are singing what all of us, Mac users, are feelling. Thanks.”

“:-) I found a new favorite song.”

“This song and video ought to be preloaded on all video iPods as a not so subtle way to promote the Mac to those PC switchers, on the fence, or 733t PC wannabe geeks who think arcane coding skills and complex networking structures makes you ‘tech cool.’ Nice job.”

“I am new to Mac, and I can not wait to tap into all the resources. Your catchy tune has inspired me to explore!!”

“WOW!!! Listened to your song about a hundred times!!! I'm saving up for an iMac and this just gave me the push I needed to buy it!
Thanks a Bunch.”

“Recently I had a look at MAC and I got tempted to buy it, but your song has inspired me further to buy MAC.”

“I love your song...
It really did make me smile!
I love your song...
It truly did make my day!”

“Your song rocks!!!! My face hurts from smiling so big and so long!!!! You've made my morning!! I first used a Mac in 1986 and have had a portable Mac ever since 1994, and I wouldn't switch over for all the Ghz in the world.”

“While doing my usual read through this morning's news groups I stumbled across an article containing this song and after listening to it several times I can't seem to wipe the smile off my face - I really do love my MAC. Great job!”

I really like the Song, but, I'm a Windows User.”

“This music is truly awesome!!!”

“brillant, simply brillant
my mac is the envy of all my pc using friends”

“Absolutely spectacular. Everything I love about Apple put to music. The day after my friend sent this to me I sang it at least 20 times during school. Keep up the good work.”

“Absolutely brilliant!”

“Mahalo for putting together a great song that sums up why those who go Mac will never go back.”

“yeah... i loved this... from a family of windows users, i broke from tradition and got a Mac, and never looked back... and this song outlines the main reasons why.”

“:-) the lyrics and the video sum it up for me--i love my mac--i am 65 years old and love technology--as to the critics of "i love my mac" step up to the plate and do one better--’don't have strong opinions, on things you don't understand’”

“:-) wooo!
you make me happy.”

“Frankly I think that it should be the opening music to one of the Apple Keynotes!:-) :-)”

“My wife and I are PC to Mac switchers----and I'm SO glad we did.
Nice work.”

“I really want a Mac but im stuck with this PC. Nice song!”

“Very creative & uplifting!”

“Thanks a lot for the great Mac Anthem.”

“I think Apple must buy your song. Very funny! Bravo et merci !”

“I really like your song, have been listening to it all morning with a big smile on my lips...”

“BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!!!!”

“I forwarded the link to "I Love My Mac" to everyone I could think of! It's the coolest thing I've heard in a very long time! Keep up the wonderful fun! : )”

“Most...awesome...song...ever! I've actually known about it for a year and a bit now, but i still think its awesome : ) I just hope nobody writes a version of this about ‘I love my Windows PC’, that would be scary.”

“Great tune : ) I too will be attempting to brainwash the kids in the virtually Mac free zone that is Liverpool, UK (although we do have a room full of loveable, huggable Macs, we are a minority.)”

“I love this song! Downloaded it a while ago and put it up on the shared drive in the school where I work [all PeeCees btw :rolleyes: ] for the kids to listen to. It's still the most popular thing on the system - the children love the song. I'm trying to brainwash them - Merseyside is virtually a Mac-free zone you see. ;-) “

“This song is stuck in my head.”

“Your song is awesome.”

“My daughter in college chucked her PC out the window after it crashed monthly during first half of freshman year. She bought an iMac G5. Grades are up, life is going great for her and she feels able to control her work and present it in fine form...
We now at home have all switched to Apple and life on the computer is fun and easy. I can see why you made this corny yet true felt song. Thanks.”

“At last a Mac National Hymn!”

“And I do not totally agree that there is nobody singing ‘I love my Windows PC’. Because Mr. Gate’s bedtime song is ‘I love YOUR PC, that needs my windooooz’”

“Bloody brilliant song!”

“You're the greatest...This is one of the best and funny thing I ever seen. You really made a great and cool song!! you are a genius.......
Cheers from Rome and keep rocking”

“Hey, this is a fantastic tune...haven't got a mac yet but very much nearing that goal. i was reading some message boards on whether to buy a mac now or wait till the intel ones arrive when someone hyper-linked your song site in a msg and, well, here i am and loving it! You have helped me open my mind more and i understand why mac customers love BEING mac customers.
Thank you again.”

“Beautiful song. I am a 14 year old boy from Kansas, and I would like to say your song is one of the best songs I have heard...EVER. It just has such a nice feel-good ring to it. It makes me proud to be a mac user. Thanks for making such a wonderful song.”