Interview with Mac + has been published!

My Interview with the Brazilian mac magazine Mac + has been published.

You can view the magazine's homepage here:

Live interview with Victor Cajiao @ TypicalMacUser

Interview on Typical Mac User Podcast

Victor Cajiao invited me on the show to talk about my music and music on the Mac. He is also a seasoned musician as well as a Mac geek (actually switched to Mac about a year and a half ago as of this podcast date). It was really good to talk with him about our common passion. During the show, he featured a couple of the pieces I have at “Lolly” and “A Perfect Morning.” Great choices.

Typical Mac User homepage:

Direct link to the show of January 15th, 2007:


Interview with Apple Mac Punk

Interview with AppleMacPunk

Kale Feelhaver, who like myself is also a staff writer with the macCompanion Magazine, invited me on the show to talk about how I create my music and about how “I Love My Mac” was born. It was fun meeting him via Skype as well as Ron and Mike who are also part of the AMP team.

Here's the direct link

or simply go to the iTunes Store podcast section, do a search with “AppleMacPunk” and select episode 21, January 7th, 2007.

Podcast interview with Phillip Zannini @ Mac Nation

Daphne gets interviewed again!

this time, with Phillip Zannini at the MacNation. As with my interview on the MyMac podcast with Tim and Chad, this interview with Phillip was a lot of fun. We discussed all kinds of stuff about my music, the creative process and more.

The audio from the interview is divided into two parts. Here are the links:

Part I -
MacNation Podcast 0072-B, August 1 2006:

Part II -
MacNation Podcast 0073, August 13th, 2006:

Podcast interview with Tim Robertson @

I received an invitation from the founder/publisher of, Tim Robertson, to be interviewed on the podcast. On April 19th, Tim Robertson, Chad Perry and I had a very lively and fun time discussing things ranging from when I first started to use a Mac, to how the internet has helped people like myself get their music heard.

If you’d like to tune in, here's the podcast # and link:

MyMac podcast # 78


Interview with John Nemerovski @

Shortly after "I Love My Mac" appeared on MacAddict's CD-ROM in November 2005, I was contacted by John Nemerovski who among other things, is a regular contributor at He was very enthused with my music and asked if I would be interested in doing a text-based interview. Of course I said "sure!" and he proceeded to send me questions in two parts. What resulted can be found on this page: