The following is the translation of the actual German lyrics.

Whenever I want to connect a device

it gets recognized at once
I don't have to hope and to pray to Holy Bill [Gates]
I just connect it
and get ahead much faster
and am as happy as possible

I love my Mac

because he's so reliable, so practical and so super lovely
oh he's just wonderful

[in German we say "he" not "it" when we speak of a computer!]

I don't have to worry about security

Viruses and Trojans
don't have a chance and are such a rarity
in perfect peace of mind
I can watch the evil things going on
and do (the same) as I've always done:

I love my Mac...

My software doesn't mess me around

but in case I need help
I look around in newsgroups, messageboards and forums
so many mac fans are ready
to help me at any time
in family-like solidarity

I love my Mac...

iPods ... [etc.] ... and iDVD

but the best thing there is
a dream that has come true
the best program in the land
best known as the coolest software:
of course, GarageBand

spoken parts in the last refrains:

reliable [repeated "zuverlässig"]

oh yeah [not translated]

so much

as a rock
so sexy [not translated]
PC, oh no

big love [not translated]

just cool ["lässig" rhymes with "zuverlässig"]
is everything clear?

Mac, Mac, Mac, Mac

just ingenious
a thousand thanks, Jobs and Woz!