The story behind the German version:

I discovered Daphne's song "I love my Mac" on, in January of 2005; I was very new to Garageband then and was surfing the web for inspiration, just curious about what others were doing with this awesome new tool. At that time, Daphne's song was on top of the list of the "most played" songs. Bearing the title "I love my Mac", it caught my eye and I had to listen to it immediately because I’m a die hard Mac fan. Well, I was excited! I just couldn't stop smiling and I had to listen to it again and again. And of course I had to send the link to all of my Mac friends.

My first idea was to try to recreate Daphne’s song as an exercise in learning how to build a whole song with all its instruments, and I wanted to sing it myself, but in German. So I set to work and first translated the text. I tried to rhyme in the same places as Daphne did and to keep close to the message but without translating literally. This I achieved (I think). Then I recorded the vocals and it was so much fun to do! I couldn't believe that I was doing such a crazy thing. It wasn't easy, though, because normally I sing at least an octave higher (I'm a high soprano and have had lessons with a classically trained singer for over a year). But I felt the result, though far from being perfect, fit quite well with the style of the song.

But then I discovered that it was much too difficult for me to recreate the rest of the song. Firstly, I can't play the piano... (but Daphne can!), and secondly, I was not able to hear what notes each instrument was playing, so I soon gave up and contacted Daphne, asking her whether she was interested in collaborating on a German version. Fortunately, she was!! I sent her my voice tracks and she mixed them in with her instrument tracks.

And that's how the German version of Daphne’s Mac song was born, and the idea to have it translated into (hopefully) many more languages. I can't wait to hear them all!!

Antonia Lutz