“Makku ga Sukinano”
- the story on how the Japanese version was born.

I thought it would be really cool to have a Japanese version of “I Love My Mac”, so in September of 2005, I emailed a fellow-macjammer by the name of Tadashi Togawa. He lives in Japan and was the only person I knew who might be able to help me find a vocalist out there. He agreed to put out a call in a mac forum and to let me know if anybody responded.

Well, just a few days later, Tadashi informed me that a talented vocalist by the name of Junko Okano had been found! A member of the GarageBand Users Club of Japan, he told me that Jun was very enthusiastic about taking on the vocals for the Japanese version. He expressed his hope that this partnership would yield great musical results.

Even though Tadashi’s english is quite limited, he graciously acted as the middleman between myself and Jun, who spoke no English, and as if that weren’t enough, he very generously offered to take on the translation of the lyrics. After a short while however, he felt he was experiencing too much difficulty, so I asked him if he could post a request for a translator on that same forum, and that I too would continue to search for a translator on my end.

Then, in the first week of December, I received an email from a person by the name of Michael DePaula. He had emailed me using the contact form on the “I Love My Mac” song website. He was offering to translate the song for me! I immediately emailed Tadashi to let him know that I now had a translator.

Not even two weeks later, Michael had translated the song from English into Japanese. I thanked Michael and asked him if he wouldn’t mind my sending his lyrics to Tadashi to look at. Unlike Michael, Tadashi is a native speaker and may be able to provide more insight into things like commons expressions and the like, in order to obtain as current a translation as possible. Tadashi informed me soon after that he did indeed make some changes, and then sent the lyrics on to Jun.

A few weeks later in early January, “I Love My Mac” (the English version) was released on all iTunes Music Stores, and the release even coincided with the first day of the MacWorld Expo. This was thanks to the label I was working with - “The Lost Records” - and to the ebroker who pushed it through faster than we could have ever hoped for. I sent my “team” the news, along with everyone who had so far signed my guestbook. It was a very exciting week to say the least!!

In later February, Jun recorded vocals, and Tadashi sent me the resulting audio files. I immediately loved what she had done. On repeated listens however, I realized that my original music accompaniment wasn’t doing justice to her vocal stylings, so I decided that I must create a new arrangement. After a bout of flu I was finally able to get to work on it, changing the instrumentation and feel of the music to better complement Junko's vocal style. I was extremely happy with the musical transformation that had taken place. 

Then I sent Tadashi a sample of what I had created, and he forwarded the sample to Jun. A few days later, Tadashi relayed to me that both he and Jun liked my new arrangement very much.

All parties involved soon reached an agreement as to the eventual release of this new version of “I Love My Mac”, now appropriately titled “Makku ga Sukinano”.

This new version of “I Love My Mac” would never have been possible without the help of all the parties involved: Tadashi Togawa, Michael DePaula and Junko Okano. Of course there is also the internet and GarageBand to thank for making communication between us and the exchange of information possible. It is my hope that one day Tadashi, Jun, Michael and myself will all be able to meet each other in person.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the song!