Junko Okano

At a very young age, Jun started to study the piano, and in high school, she began her studies in voice. From there Jun went on to study music in university and graduated from the music department with a specialization in voice.

Following her graduation, Jun continued her vocal specialization in Florence, Italy, and performed in many concerts while completing her studies.
Michael DePaula

Michael DePaula lives in Okinawa, Japan and works as a database administrator, translator, composer and writer. He graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Music Performance on the French Horn.

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Tadashi Togawa

Tadashi is a native of Japan, from the Kanto region, and now lives near the foot of Mt. Rokko, a national park. Tadashi has been a member of the online community www.macjams.com since April of 2005. He is a very talented guitar player, and a very skilled drum and percussion programmer. He specializes in the jazz and blues genres.

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Back in Japan, she is a member on the site "GarageBand Users Club" and gives concerts locally. In 2005, her song "Flower in Time", on which she collaborated with fellow musician Nori, won the championship prize in a GarageBand contest.

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