The story behind “I Love My Mac”

In December of 2003, I heard about this new Apple software called GarageBand. At first I wasn’t too excited, thinking that it wouldn’t be as useful as what I was using at the time. The following month however, I decided to see what all the fuss was about.

Well, I was thrilled with my initial experiences. GarageBand proved to be highly versatile, user-friendly and easy on the eyes!

Then, in March of 2004, I joined an online community geared to GarageBand users, called It was one of several that had popped up (or would soon) on the internet in response to all the excitement around the new software. As a member of macjams, I could post my music, receive feedback, comment on others’ music and join in the forum discussions, among other things.

Then one day I was surfing macjams and I came across this notice about a song contest:

Friday, February 27 2004 @ 06:07 AM CST

macCompanion Magazine Hosts Song Contest
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Our friends at macCompanion Magazine have announced their "Macintosh Glory Laud and Honor Contest." The contest seeks entries composed of "4-stanza reproducible scores that would be pretty much a love song about the Mac." The contest will run until April 30, 2004. First prize is a 250 Gig OneTouch Firewire hard drive from Maxtor, and other excellent prizes are available.

Second prize is a one-year subscription to online training at, valued at $250, and there are third and fourth place prizes as well.
Songs may be created with GarageBand or other music software.
Contest submissions must be submitted by e-mail. We urge our users to post any songs they might want enter here as well.

I thought, this sounds like a great opportunity. I’ll write this love song about Mac computers, and I will only use GarageBand to create it. I thought it was a great way to show what you could do with this new program, and have some fun at the same time.

With such an inspiring subject, the melodies for the chorus and verse formed themselves very quickly, and coming up with lyrics was not difficult because there are so many wonderful things you can say about Mac computers. Arranging it using GarageBand also proved to be a joy. Before I knew it, I had my song. I emailed it to the people at macCompanion Magazine just in time for the deadline.

Some weeks later, I received the happy news that “I Love My Mac” was awarded first prize in the contest:

macC Music Macintosh Glory Laud and Honor contest ends

Congratulations to Daphne Kalfon-Campbell (Victoria, BC), who wins first prize and also to Ross Burns (Oakdale NY) who wins 2nd Prize in our first-ever macC Contest.
We will be posting their entries on our site.
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I had also posted the song on macjams, and it became the most popular song in the pop category for quite some time.

Then in early March of the following year, I was contacted by a woman by the name of Antonia. Also a GarageBand enthusiast, she lived in Switzerland. She told me that she was a fan of my song, and that she had already translated it into German, and asked if I would send her the band file so that she could record her vocals. At first I thought it a bit strange to have the song in German, but after she sent me back her recording, I was struck with how unique an idea it was to have the song recorded in another language. It was kind of a universal Mac song after all, so it seemed rather appropriate to have it recorded in a different language. From there slowly evolved my idea to have the song recorded into as many languages as possible.

Now to really get this idea to fly, I need you!

An open invitation goes out to the Mac community, no musical experience is necessary, just an enthusiasm to sing this song in a language that isn't already listed. Contact me using the link at the bottom of every page.

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